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Column Movement

Teachers may only move one step per year of service on the salary schedule. Teachers may obtain column movement based on hours of graduate credit. The teacher must earn an A or B in a graduate course from a University accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and/or one that is approved by the Human Resources Department. When a teacher earns a “P”/passing grade in a graduate
course, the Human Resources Department may, but is not required to, treat the hours as if the teacher earned an A or B in the course. Movement past the Master Degree is based on graduate credit obtained after the date the Master Degree is earned.

The teacher must submit a notification of movement request by January 25th of the preceding year in which the movement is requested to become effective.  Additionally, the course must be completed by the first day of the teachers’ contract and an official transcript with the final grades and/or posted degree must be received by the Human Resources Department by August 31 of that school year in order to receive column movement.

Official transcripts are required from the college or university and must be sent to the Human Resources contact listed below.  Mailed or emailed transcripts are acceptable.

Transcripts c/o Debbie Peterson

25102 E US 24 HWY 

Independence, MO 64056