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Enrollment for the 2022-2023 School Year is now open.

If you need assistance with the online enrollment, you can contact your school or our central office at 650-7000.  

Before beginning your annual online registration you will need to have:

  • Your user name and password for the parent portal.  If you need help with your username and password please call your child’s school.
  • Proof of residency to upload as a document or image (1 document required for returning students, 2 documents for new students). Bills must be dated May, 2022 or later and shut-off notices cannot be accepted. Applications without the proof of residency document attached will be returned to the parent for completion.
  • Updated contact information for parents, guardians, emergency contacts
  • Updated immunization information to upload as a document or an image
  • Updated health/medicine information for your student(s) *Certain health conditions will require a current health action plan signed by your child's doctor filed with the school nurse before school starts. Fort Osage Health Action Plans

To Begin Online Registration:

  1. Go online to log into the parent portal at
  2. Click the More link in the menu on the left
  3. Click Online Registration
  4. Click "Update my 2022-2023 Student(s) and Add new students"
  5. Verify that all students are listed.  Do not begin the application if all of your students to update are not listed in the application with a "YES" in the "Included in new App?".  Call the school before beginning the application.
  6. Click Begin Application.  This will walk you through completing and uploading the necessary documents to enroll for the 2022-2023 school year.