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Parent and Family Involvement & Engagement Policy

The District encourages effective involvement by parents, guardians, and families to support the education of their children.  In consultation with the State board, educators, local associations, parent organizations, and individual parents/guardians whose children are enrolled in the Fort Osage R-1, the District will:


1.  Promote regular, two-way communication between home and school.


2.  Promote and support responsible parenting.

3.  Recognize that parents and families play an integral role in assisting their children to learn.

4.  Promote a safe and open atmosphere for parents and families to visit the school that their student(s) attend and actively solicit parental/family support and assistance for school programs.

5.  Include parents as full partners in decisions affecting their children and families.

6.  Avail community resources to strengthen school programs, family practices, and the achievement of students.