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Homeless Children & Youth


Coordinator of the Homeless Children and Youth Program for Fort Osage

Mrs. Emily Cross
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services

Dr. Jarrod Steffens
At Risk Coordinator

Ms. Deanna Rymer
Homeless Liason

Fort Osage School Social Workers

Fort Osage High School (9-12th grade)
Deanna Rymer 816-650-7057

Osage Trail Middle School (7-8th grade)
Deepa Miller 816-650-7230

Fire Prairie Upper Elementary (5-6th grade)
Beth Price 816-650-7637

Lewis & Clark Academy (K-8; 9-12)
Deepa Miller 816-650-7710

Blue Hills Elementary School (K-4th grade)
Beth Price 816-650-7453

Buckner Elementary School (K-4th grade)
Natasha Swayze 816-650-7347

Cler-Mont Elementary School (K-4th grade)
Natasha Swayze 816-650-7359

Elm Grove Elementary School (K-4th grade)
Beth Price 816-650-7564

Indian Trails Elementary (K-4th grade)
Natasha Swayze 816-650-7650

Early Childhood Center
Deepa Miller 816-650-7480


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