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Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

In the fall of 2021 a group of nearly eighty administrators, faculty, staff, parents, Board members and patrons came together to review the District mission, vision and goals and develop a Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) for 2022-2026. 

Our Strategic Plan is a living document that guides continuous improvement efforts to provide the best education for the students we serve. Having strong academic achievement, hiring quality teachers and maintaining fiscal responsibility are promises that we make to the patrons of our district and will remain constant. We began with the end in mind, using the voices of our community, students, parents, and our staff to develop a profile of the competencies we believe will support success for every Fort Osage graduate. We use the profile to shape the direction of this strategic plan, influence our approach to learning, and model what our schools should look like for our students.

The Board reviews the CISP monthly and updates it annually to monitor progress toward goals and improvements in student achievement. Please direct comments and questions regarding CSIP to Mrs. Emily Cross, the District's Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, at 816-650-7000 or


Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) for 2022-2026

Comprehensive School Improvement Play with timelines



Profile of a graduate