• Points of Contact

    Dr. Steve Lumetta, Executive Director of Educational Services
    Claudia Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant

    Phone: (816) 650-7016
    Fax: (816) 650-3888

    District Content Facilitators

    Amanda Shropshire, ELA
    Heidi Dailey, Math
    Jennifer Daubendiek, Science
    Jamie Lamb, Social Studies

    District Instructional Facilitators

    Tyler Dierking, Blue Hills
    Ryanne Carlson, Buckner
    Krissy Smith, Cler-Mont
    Andrea Ryan, Elm Grove
    Kristi Odell, Indian Trails
    Erica Wood, Fire Prairie
    Christa Edwards, Osage Trail 

Standards-Based Grading

  • The Fort Osage School District uses a standards-based grading system K-12 to monitor student mastery of learning goals for each subject.  Standards-based grading is a strategy used in schools and districts across the country because it allow teachers, students and their parents to closely monitor students' attainment of specific skills.  This information is more helpful than a summary letter grade because it clearly identifies areas of strength and concern. 

    Grade Card Reporting Topics have been designed to clearly identify what students are being evaluated on each quarter on the report card.

    The purpose of the Fort Osage report card is to communicate the students' progress toward learning standards and demonstrating work and life skills. This feedback will support a partnership among students, parents and teachers in setting goals and monitoring progress toward meeting the established standards.