• Explore 8 different areas of engineering and learn about one of the fastest growing fields in the country!

    Student placing car into wind tunnel

    Have you ever thought about designing a multi-tool for a 3-D printer and sending the design to astronauts at the International Space Station? What about creating a prosthetic limb using everyday items to simulate helping others during a natural disaster? If you enjoy coming up with solutions to problems, helping others and have a creative side, explore the CTC's College Prep Engineering Program!

    This two-year program prepares students seeking a four-year degree in a field of engineering. Areas studied include:

    • Aerospace
    • Agricultural & Environmental
    • Biomedical
    • Chemical
    • Computer & Electrical
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical

    Students will apply math, science, design and engineering principles to real-world problems. Previous projects have included seniors designing a tool that could be printed using a 3-D printer at the International Space Station and creating ice cream out of liquid nitrogen.

    Want to see our students in action? Check out College Prep Engineering and some of our other technical programs on YouTube!

    Students holding up rockets after launch