Career Opportunities & Average Salaries

  • Fire Fighter - $38,334

    Fire apparatus operator-$46,877

    Fire Company officer-$54,241

    Fire Inspector - $49,004

    Chief Officer - $79,314

    *Data taken from the National Occupational Handbook

    • Complete ensemble of personal protective equipment
    • Scott 2.2 self-contained breathing apparatus
    • A variety of specialized equipment, tools and appliances
    • A wide selection of extinguishment equipment
    • Thermal imaging camera for use during rescue and overhaul
    • Hydraulic rescue tools, power units, spreaders, cutters & rams
    • Live burn props allowing students to extinguish actual fires
fire science student
    • Fire fighter safe practices & risk management
    • Proper use of fire fighter personal protective equipment
    • Proper care & use of self-contained breathing apparatus
    • Proper use of fire fighting equipment, tools and appliances
    • Methods of fire control and incident mitigation
    • Effective search, rescue & extrication techniques
    • Fire prevention & public education practices