• Construction Trades Technology is available to 11th and 12th grade students. CTT teaches students the step-by-step procedures of building a house or similar building, which may be sold on the open market. Students learn about tools and safety, blue print reading, wall framing, roofing, stairway construction, and interior and exterior trim and finishes. Students who successfully complete this course are ready to enter the building trades industry or pursue a degree in Architectural Studies, Civil Engineering or Construction Management. Advanced apprenticeships may be available upon completion of the program.

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Career Opportunities & Average Salaries

    • Skill Trained Apprentice-$41,766
    • Journeyman $58,860
    • Job Site Superintendent - $84,080
    • Construction Manager - $66,280
    • Architect - $56,620
    • Interior Designer - $60,000

    *Data taken from the National Occupational Handbook

Technology Used

    • Laser technology
    • State-of-the-art tools and equipment
    • Applied technology at the building site
    • Bobcat
    • Lab with modern woodworking tools
construction trades students

Skills Attained

    • Construct a building from start to finish using residential and commercial construction concepts
    • Demonstrate the ability to frame a house
    • Exhibit the ability to solve problems by planning, organizing, and completing assigned tasks
    • Apply rules and concepts of safe work habits
    • Read and interpret working drawings
    • Compute and apply mathematical formulas for solving construction related problems
    • Install exterior and interior finishes to the building
    • Estimate construction costs and materials