Spirit Awards

Spirit Award

  • The Spirit Award is not given every year by the Alumni Association, but rather at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Nominees shall be, or have been leaders in the Fort Osage Alumni Association, teachers or administrators in the Fort Osage School District, private instructors who educated the students of the Fort Osage School District, or persons active in the Fort Osage School District community.  

    Past winners are:

    2019- Dr. Jason Snodgrass

    2018-None given


    2016- Jerry Hansen

    2015- Rick Divers

    2014- Lloyd Hawkins

    2011- Mary R. Dobbins

    2009- Jim Wilson

    2006- Judy Johnson

    2004- Nora Blankenship

    2000- Richard Parker

    1994- Opal Auld

    1993- Patty Baker

    1991-Bill Heishman


Heading App

Warrior Awards

  • Nominees for this award may be any person who has shown a significant contribution to the Fort Osage School District.  This may be a current or past employee of the school district, parent, or anyone in the community.

    Past receipants are:

    1987-Richard Franklin

    1988-Robert Carey

    1989-Conard White

    1990-Mildred Struewe

    1991-Gale Bartow

    1992-Charlotte Dyer

    1993-Art and Sharon Murphy

    1994-Ed Stanger

    1995-Louie Matt

    1996-J.C. and Frances Burnley & Don and Ruth Mary O'Hara

    1997-Ruth Ann Kohler

    1998-Bob Ames & Ed Shupe

    1999-Larry Deaton

    2000-Earl Turnure

    2001-Norvel M "Mit" VanDyke

    2002-Jerry D. Brown

    2003-Jerry Hedger

    2004-Bob & Charlyne Hamilton

    2005-Richard Thompson

    2006-Victor Gragg

    2007-Carol Marcks

    2008-Linda Brosam

    2009-Janet Mershon

    2010-Bill Coleman and David Shrout

    2011- Pam Bussell

    2012- Bill Favrow

    2013- Marty Napier

    2014-Floyd Hawkins

    2015-John Mayfield

    2016- Marshall Stapleton


    2018- John Lenenhy

    2019- Carol Brown

Red Feather Award

Red Feather Award

  • The Red Feather Award was established in 2009 and is given for meritorious achievement in the advancement of the Alumni Association as an integral part of th eFort Osage r-1 School District, its students, graduates, and th eideals of th eAlumni Association to foster strong school spirit, school traditions, and lifelong bonds of friendship.  

    Past Receipants include:

    2009- Stephanie Smith

    2011- Fran Burnett