• Addressing the Board

    If you would like to speak at a board meeting, you must fill out a ‘Request for Public Participation’ card before the meeting begins.  Only comments reasonably related to the posted agenda will be permitted. Cards are available at the meeting location.  If you have documents you would like to provide board members, please give them to the Board Secretary before the meeting begins in order for them to be distributed to Board members.  

    • Anyone wishing to speak to the Board of Education must fill out a card listing name, mailing address, telephone number and topic to be addressed.
    • Each speaker will be allowed three (3 minutes) with a maximum of three (3) speakers per topic.
    • A total of 20 minutes will be allotted for Public Participation during each board meeting.
    • When called to speak, each speaker will identify themselves by stating their name.
    • Only comments reasonably related to the posted agenda will be permitted.
    • Speakers may provide written text of their prepared comments to board members, if so desired.
    • While all comments and prepared written statements will be taken under consideration, the Board of Education will not respond to speakers as individuals or as a group during the meeting.
    • Speakers should expect the Board President to interrupt or terminate a presentation if the above rules are not followed or if the time limit has expired. 
    • If the meeting agenda is full the Board President may reschedule an item for next regular meeting.  
    • No individual will be permitted to speak more than once during this part of the meeting.  Each member of the public to speak will be given the same amount of time to address the Board.  

    During the ‘Public Participation’ portion of the meeting, you will be called forward by the Board President. As a valued stakeholder, your comments will be given respectful attention.  Board members may ask questions to clarify your comments, but will generally refrain from further discussion as the monthly business meeting is not the venue for extensive discussion or debate.  The Board will take your comments under advisement.  In certain situations, a district employee may be directed to follow up with you in order to gather additional information or provide a resolution to the issue.   

    If a member of the public wishes to have an item placed on the agenda of a regular Board meeting, he or she may make a written request to the Superintendent after going through the appropriate process for a complaint or concern pursuant to District rules.  See District Policy C-120-P regarding Complaints or Concerns.  Also see District Policy C-140-P for additional information regarding public comment to the Board of Education.