Degrees and Certifications:

Interview Dates & Preparation


We'll notify students selected to continue on with the application process by 3 p.m. on Thursday, February 16th. Students will be interviewed at their high school during the school day and will receive a pass or another notification from their counseling office with their specific date and time.

-Grain Valley and Oak Grove students: Tuesday, February 21st and Wednesday, February 22nd

-Fort Osage students: Thursday, February 23rd and Friday, February 24th

-Blue Springs School District students: Tuesday, February 28th through Thursday, March 2nd

Students will be notified if they are selected, placed on a waitlist or asked to re-apply next year by Wednesday, April 5th by 3 p.m.


We know for many students this may be the first interview they're participating in, which is why we keep our interviews to just 10 minutes. We'll ask between 5 and 10 questions. See some of the most commonly asked questions below, practice with a friend and, most importantly, know that it's okay to be a little nervous! 

1. Tell me about yourself. We want to get to know you a little more! We're looking for a 30-second introduction into who you are. What classes do you enjoy? Do you hold down a part-time job? Participate in any extracurricular activities? Check out Indeed's recommendations on how to answer one of the most commonly asked interview questions.

2. What is your greatest strength/weakness? Another popular question. For greatest strength, this is your time to shine! What makes you stand out? Conversely, what's something you struggle with (time management, perfectionism, etc.) and how are you working to overcome it? Indeed has not only suggestions on how to answer, but some great examples in this article.  

3. What do you want to do after high school? Hint: you don't have to everything planned out! We just want to know what your current plans or dreams are. It's okay if that's one thing you've wanted your whole life, or if you're still narrowing it down. We especially love hearing how participating in CTC or CIC is going to help you further your dreams or achieve your goals.

4. Why are you a good fit for CTC/CIC? We've been taught to be humble, which is a great trait to have. However, we don't want humbleness for this question! We truly want to know why you're a good fit for the program you applied for. Do you have a passion for the subject? Is this what you've always wanted to do, or is it something recent that you really want to explore in-depth before you graduate because something sparked your interest? What was that something that pushed you into applying? Are you a team player who's great at supporting others? A leader who can take charge? We want to know everything about you and how well you'd fit into the CTC/CIC family. 


We encourage students to dress professionally for their CTC or CIC interview as it pertains to their industry. Most students find that they have great options already in their closet. Remember, we're not looking for a three-piece suit. Dark pants and a nice tucked-in shirt works well, as does borrowing a sweater or blazer from a family member or friend.

For students wanting to put together a new outfit, we've put together a list of stores previous applicants have sourced outfits from in the past. Email Mrs. Brown ( with any questions. 

Blue Springs

-Goodwill, 926 MO-7, Blue Springs, MO 64014

-Salvation Army Family Store, 1833 MO-7, Blue Springs, MO 64015

-Red Racks, 922 MO-7, Blue Springs, MO 64014

-Target, 1040 NE Coronado Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64014

-Maurice's, 1032 NE Coronado Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64014

-T.J. Maxx, 1310 NE Coronado Drive, Blue Springs, MO 64014


-Red Racks DAV Thrift Store, 16813 E 23rd St. S, Independence, MO 64055

-Target, 17810 E 39th St. S, Independence, MO 64055

-Kohl's, 18800 E 39th St. S, Independence, MO 64057

-Marshall's, 18920 E 39th St. S, Independence, MO 64057

-Wal-Mart, 4000 S Bolger Road, Independence, MO 64055

-Maurice's (inside Independence Center), 18801 E 39th St., Suite Do9c, Independence, MO 64057

-Old Navy (inside Independence Center), 18801 E 39th St., Suite 2072, Independence, MO 64057

Oak Grove

-Wal-Mart, 201 SE Salem St., Oak Grove, MO 64075