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Meet Captain Schoeppner

Meet Captain Troy Schoeppner

A retired captain from the Leawood Fire Department with over 25 years in the fire industry, Captain Schoeppner brings a lot of experience to the Fire Science & EMT classroom. The best part? His love of education! From designing demonstrations showing how fire interacts with various materials to running his students through ladder and gear drills, Captain Schoeppner leads the classroom with a mix of leadership and fun. In his spare time, he and his wife foster pets for the KC Pet Project. They recently just sent eight wiggly puppies to their fur-ever homes!

What His Students Are Saying

"My captain is the best. It’s his first year teaching, but you who have never guessed with how well he explains everything. What I really like about him though, is he believes in us. He knows that we can do it, even if we struggle here and there. And he is passionate about his job, which in return gets all of us students excited for it!" 

"Instead of burning random things, we get to understand how the fire moves. How it thinks and where it’ll go based off of the building construction."

"During the pandemic, my sense of normalcy disappeared. So being able to come to the CTC everyday and see people who are all diverse and interesting is so refreshing."