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Meet Mr. Stacy

Meet Bob Stacy

"It's 'Mr. Stacy' in the classroom and 'Bob' when we're on-site," Mr. Stacy says with a big smile. A 30-year veterean of the construction industry with his own home-building firm, Mr. Stacy runs his projects as if his students were working in the field. In two years at CTC, Mr. Stacy has reinvented the construction program. The best part? "I love construction!"

What His Students Are Saying


"Treats us like adults."

"What I love about Mr. Stacy is his dedication to helping us succeed, his dedication to show up every day to teach us what he loves, his wisdom and his compassion for each of us individually."

"This is easily my favorite part of the day and I wouldn’t want to miss any part of it."

"It helps me not be bored; there’s never a dull moment in this class!"