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Meet Officer DeVaul

Meet Officer Cory DeVaul

Officer Cory DeVaul served as a patrol officer and later as a K-9 officer with the North Kansas City Police Department. He still serves as a reserve officer and maintains a network with local judges, victim advocacy organizations and police departments to provide resources and connections to his students. When he's not designing a mock crime scene or serving as one of the SkillsUSA advisors, he's spending time with his family or hunting.

What Our Students Are Saying

"He actually cares what everyone thinks! And makes everyone get to participate. He is very kind."

"I like how he is well educated in this field and a great resource for any questions I may have."

"Coming to CTC during the pandemic has given me a sense of normalcy and brought a constant into my life amidst the chaos that the world seems to be right now. It brings me joy and is a light in the crazy and dark world that we live in each day."

"He creates an environment that is welcoming and really makes the expectation high and makes sure the bar is set high."