Degrees and Certifications:

Types of Engineering

Over two years juniors and seniors will explore multiple areas of engineering. This diverse approach to the field helps students learn about what different engineers do and helps them enter college ready to pursue a four-year degree. 

Aerospace Engineering: Aerospace engineering focuses on designing and building machines that fly. Students will explore aeronautical and astronautical engineering, which includes the study of gliders, parachutes and rockets. Students will design and launch their own protoypes.

 Agricultural & Environmental Engineering: Agricultural engineering focuses on the design, construction and improvement of farming equipment and machinery. Environmental engineering focuses on protecting people from negative environmental effects. One project from this unit includes designing a prototype for a clean water filtration system.

Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical engineering includes creating systems, equipment and devices to solve clinical problems. Examples include prosthetics, such as an artifical leg, or surgial devices like laser surgery. Students will create their own medical devices, such as a stethoscope.

Chemical Engineering: Chemical engineers develop everything from paper to food to computer chips. Students in chemical engineering explore food production and create ice cream out of liquid nitrogen, followed by a week of quality testing. 

Civil Engineering*:Civil engineering focuses on designing, construction and maintaining things like bridges, roads, dams and airports. Students will design their own prototypes and test them out for durability and performance.

*Did you know? Civil engineering is the number-one unfulfilled job in the Kansas City area!

Computer & Electrical Engineering: Computer engineering incorporates electronic engineering into computer sciences. Engineers in this field design and develop computer systems.

Industrial Engineering: Industrial engineers focus on industrial and manufacturing processes. Simply put, they figure out how to do things better, from shortening waiting lines for a rollercoaster to speeding up the delivery of online purchases. 

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineers design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. Last year students partnered with our CSI/Law Enforcement program to design and build a robot prototype for hostage negotiation. One team won first place at the Missouri SkillsUSA competition and competed at the national level.