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Meet Mr. Compton

Meet Mr. Compton

Automotive Technology students kick off their junior year of the program with Mr. Compton, a CTC graduate of the automotive program and former instructor for the Metropolitan Community College's automotive program. 

What His Students Say

"He's a very great teacher, he makes sure that everybody pays attention in class, and makes sure that everyone has a equal chance at participating in a class activity."

"Mr. Compton the Automotive tech 1 instructor is nice and patient. He's very knowledgeable and helpful. He's an awesome teacher."

"I feel like my time is not being wasted. I learn things that are really beneficial."

"Learning about cars and how to do maintenance and repairs so i can work on my car and be educated. Even if a student doesn't go into a career with automotive, the class is very knowledgeable and is good information for car owners to have."