Ryan Souza
  • Parents, Guardians, and Families, 

    Welcome to Cler-Mont Elementary!  I am Ryan Souza, and I am excited to join the Cler-Mont team as your new building principal.  With such rich traditions and values, Cler-Mont is an exceptional environment for our kids to develop as leaders, both inside and outside of the classroom.  My greatest priority is to ensure our students receive the necessary support in order to feel success and thrive at Cler-Mont Elementary.  Our partnership with you is valuable and essential, and I am looking forward to this journey with you and the Cler-Mont Elementary Team.     

    The Cler-Mont team is thrilled to partner with you to create the best possible learning environment for your child.  It is critical we provide the necessary support your child needs so they can feel success and achieve at high levels.  We hold a desire to infuse leadership skills into our daily instruction so our students can thrive in a competitive global setting.  We recognize the value of each student's individuality, thinking, and ideas. As a staff, we are eager to support and build the confidence of your student. Through our partnership with you, we can assist students to take ownership of their learning and help guide them on the path to success.

    Our team will continue to reflect, learn, and fine-tune our instructional practices to make certain your child receives highly qualified instruction.  Our goal for education focuses on students being able to problem solve and think critically instead of just “answer-getting”.  At Cler-Mont, we want to create opportunities for students to make connections between the content they are learning and the world around them, making their learning relevant, applicable, and valuable.

    The remarkable staff at Cler-Mont Elementary are looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year!  I am eager to meet you and begin building a partnership that best supports your child.

    All the best, 

    Ryan Souza
    Cler-Mont Elementary Principal