To the Parents/Guardians of Woodland Early Childhood Center Students,

    We are truly sorrowful that our school year ended with the building being closed in March, and we had to finish the year with a distance learning approach.  We are sad that we will not have one more opportunity to meet in person for class at school this year.  

    We will have a time scheduled to pick up any items at school and an opportunity for students to wave goodbye to their teachers.  

    There are designated times for classes to drive to Woodland to pick up items and wave goodbye.  When you arrive, please stay in your car in the drop off/pick up lane in front of Woodland.  

    Monday, May 18

    Thursday, May 21


    Michelle Williams’ Classes


    Melanie Haight’s Classes


    Cristi Yeager’s Classes


    Jennifer Thomas’ Classes


    Ashley Eberhart’s Classes



    Kelley Harmon’s Classes



    Jensen Meyer’s Classes


    If this date/time did not work, please call 816-650-7483 and leave a detailed message.  We are checking our voice messages regularly.  Mrs. Harrach will

    arrange a time to pick up any items you have at school, but your teacher may not be available.  


    Karen Harrach


    Woodland Early Childhood Center