• Fort Osage High School Chromebook Check-In May 19-22

    Schedule: (12pm - 6pm every day listed)

    Tuesday, May 19th- Seniors

    Wednesday, May 20th- Juniors

    Thursday, May 21st- Sophomores

    Friday, May 22nd- Freshman


    Drop Off and Pick Up Locations

    Location #1: Varsity Gym Doors (stay in vehicle)

    Please be prepared to return your Chromebook and Charger unless you are enrolled in Summer School. If that is the case, you will keep your Chromebooks. 

    Please place any textbooks, library books, team uniforms, or any other school items you may have in a bag (plastic or paper) and label each bag with who the contents need to be returned to. Turning in multiple bags is perfectly fine as long as they are all labeled with who the contents need to be returned to.  

    Location #2: 9th Grade Center Entrance (stay in your vehicle)

    If you have ordered a yearbook, we will be set up to distribute those on all four days listed above. 

    Location #3: (Seniors Only) Entryway to the High School

    If your student is a senior and has an outstanding obligation you will be able to submit a payment, in person. 

    Instructions For The Day You Come On Campus

    • Please only come on campus the day your grade level is scheduled. We will not turn anyone away, but for organizational purposes it will help if you come on the appropriate assigned day.
    • When you arrive on campus, please drive around to the backside of the high school and enter the senior parking lot by the stadium ticket booth. You will drive up to the Varsity Gym doors where a staff member will collect your Chromebook and charger, and anything else that needs to be returned to the school. 
    • Next you will drive directly towards the 9th Grade Center where you can collect your student's yearbook if one has already been purchased.
    • If your student is a Senior and has an obligation, you will drive out of the 9th Grade Center and park in front of the high school where we will have locations marked where you will line up while also allowing for social distancing. We will have staff members directly inside the first set of doors to the high school to collect any senior obligations. It is encouraged that you go online to pay your student's obligation if at all possible. 
      • Login to Parent Portal
      • Click on Fees from menu on the left
      • Parents must have a Payment Method created before they can pay online. 
      • Click on My Accounts on the right side of the screen
      • Click on Payment Methods
      • Click New button at the bottom of the screen
      • Add account and save
      • Add Fees to cart (https://content.infinitecampus.com/sis/Campus.1941/documentation/fees-my-cart/)
    • If your student needs to enter the building to pick up any projects or personal items, we ask that you call the school at 816-650-7030 to schedule a day and time to do so. We will not be allowing anyone to enter the high school unless it is prearranged.

    As always, if you have any questions regarding this, please give us a call or send us an email.