• May 5, 2020


    On  May 19th & May 20th, all families will be asked to drive up to Buckner in order to:
    --Drop off chromebook or iPad that was checked out
    --Return Library Books checked out this year
    --Pick up Medication if left behind
    --Pick up School Supplies
    --Pick up Yearbook (if purchased)

    Families will stay in their vehicles and enter the circle bus lane in two lanes of traffic  (going to open lane).

    Staff will collect school devices & books and staff will also bring school supplies & yearbooks to families.

    We ask you make all attempts to come on YOUR ASSIGNED DAY as supplies will be organized in this fashion.

    Tuesday, May 19th:  Last Names beginning with A - K
    Wednesday, May 20th:  Last Names beginning with L - Z

    FILL OUT THIS SURVEY (by May 15th) to help us make sure we meet your needs on that day.


    Thank you!