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Two Great Schools, One Application

  • Apply now to the CTC at Fort Osage or Blue Springs Career & Innovation Center. Our priority deadline is Sunday, February 12th at 11:59 p.m. While we will accept applications after this date, students who apply after the deadline may be placed on a waiting list.

    Complete the first part of the application at CTC & BSSD Application: Part One.

    Check below for some tips on completing the application:


    1. Complete the “CTC & BSSD Application: Part One” form.
    2. This part’s easy; just five easy questions!
    3. Once you hit “Submit,” make sure to click the link for Step Two or save the link to complete Step Two later.


    1. You can access Step Two at
    2. Click on the application assigned to your high school.
    3. Section 1: Demographics
      1. This section is easy! Name, address, basic demographic information.
    4. Section 2: High School Information
      1. We confirm which high school you’re attending. This is where you can share any factors that might have impacted grades or attendance, such as illness or family emergency.
    5. Section 3: Programs & Career Interest Questions
      1. Pick the top two programs that you’re interested in.
      2. Complete the mini essay questions. We’re looking for three to five thoughtful sentences for each question, so make this part count! Use resources like Grammarly or Word to double-check spelling and grammar. You can view the questions below and start thinking about how you want to answer:
        1. Describe your interest in the career field for your 1st choice.
        2. Describe your interest in the career field for your 2nd choice.
    • Describe your knowledge of the career field through personal research, related high school coursework, or through any previous work, extracurricular activities or volunteer experience.
    1. Explain why you believe you’re a good candidate for the program of your interest at CTC.

    What happens next?

    Our priority deadline is Sunday, February 12th at 11:59 p.m. Our counselor will review all applications and send email invites to students who are selected to interview. Interviews will take place at your high school during the school day the last two weeks of February.