• LCA offers high school students two pathways to high school graduation: Traditional Carnegie Units and Competency Based Credit.

    Traditional Carnegie Units

    This is the traditional path to graduation. To earn credits a student must complete a course and earn a passing grade. The FOHS requires students to earn 25 credits in the following areas, pass the US and Missouri Constitution tests, complete EOCs in Algebra I, Biology, English II, Government, and take one of the following CCR exams: ACT, ASVAB, and Workkeys.


    • 4 units of ELA
    • 3 units of Social Studies
    • 3 units of Mathematics
    • 3 units of Science
    • 1 unit of Practical Arts
    • 1 unit of Fine Arts
    • 1 unit of PE
    • 1/2 unit of Health
    • 1/2 unit of Personal Finance
    • 8 units of Electives


    LCA offers 4 daily block classes each quarter. At the end of each quarter a student may earn .5 credit per class. In a school year a student may earn 8 credits.