• Seniors at the CTC can qualify for internships and job shadows. These experiences provide students the opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world setting, develop a professional network and further explore a potential career.


    • Students will spend 4 to 12 weeks out of the classroom in their final spring semester.
    • Most internships are Monday through Thursday and replace a student's classroom time at CTC.
    • Students will return to the CTC on Fridays to stay current in their coursework.
    • Most internships are unpaid.
    • Programs that currently offer internships include Advanced Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity and Entrepreneurial Studies.
    • Students must provide their own transportation.

    Job Shadow

    • Students will spend 1 to 8 days out of the classroom in March or April of their final semester.
    • Most job shadows are offered Monday through Thursday.
    • Some job shadows may occur after regular school hours, overnight or on the weekend. 
    • Most job shadows are unpaid.
    • Programs that currently offer job shadows include Advanced Computer Engineering, College Prep Engineering, Construction Technology, CSI/Law Enforcement, and Cybersecurity.
    • Students must provide their own transportation.

    Clinical Rotations

    Students in Advanced Health Science at Lakewood, Fire Science-EMT and Health Science at CTC will complete clinical rotations to achieve the necessary hours for their certifications and licenses. Fire Science-EMT students will need to complete some rotations after regular school hours, over the holidays and/or on the weekends.

    How to Apply

    Students must submit a resume and cover letter to Miss Conrad and sign up for a 10 to 15-minute interview. Available internships, job shadows and instructions can be found on the internship site: http://bit.ly/CTCInternshipsJobShadow.

    Two agriculture students pose at Bloomers Greenhouse.

    5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My First Job

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