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How to Apply

  • Prospective sophomores and juniors must complete an online application. The link is below and in multiple locations throughout the website.

    Instructions for the Application

    Page 1: Demographics

    The first page of the online application is demographic information, including name and contact information.

    Page 2: High School

    The second page asks for information on your high school and counselor.

    Page 3: Parents/Legal Guardians

    The third page asks for information on your parents or legal guardians, specifically their names and contact information

    Page 4: CTC Programs & Essay

    The third page asks for the program you're most interested in as well as a second program you might be interested in if you're not selected for your first choice.

    The last part of the application asks three essay questions. We're looking for 3 to 5 well-crafted sentences so our counselor and instructor can get to know you a little better. We recommennd typing up your answers to these questions beforehand in a word processor and copying and pasting into the application as the application may time out. The questions for 2020-2021 are:

    1. Describe your interest in the career field for your 1st and/or 2nd choice.

    2. Describe your knowledge of the career field through personal research and/or through any previous work experience.

    3. Explain why you believe you're a good candidate for the program of your interest at CTC.

    Page 5: Teacher Recommendation

    You will also need to have an English, math, science, history or Project Lead the Way (PLTW) teacher submit a recommendation. Provide the name of the teacher, the class you've taken with them and an email address we can use to send them the online recommendation form.

    APPLY NOW FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEARWe are accepting applications for all programs.