Karen Hile principal at Buckner
  • Buckner Elementary has, and will always be, a place of learning to work together to achieve more. It has, and will always be, a place to inspire and positively build each other up. It has, and will always be, a place where everyone is expected to be their very best. We look forward to our partnership with you to help your child be their best at school and in life.

    We value student voice and independent thinking at Buckner. Leadership skills and principles are taught and reinforced daily in our instruction and interactions with students. We know that these lessons will impact their success both in school and later in life as well. It is our hope that we work with parents to provide students the necessary tools to build self-awareness and confidence in order to reach their full potential, both academically and socially. It takes time to acquire these habits of mind and practice. Students also need positive coaching, opportunities to succeed and encouragement from all adults in their lives. Accountability and high expectations are crucial to help students in the development of these skills.

    Please contact our school office if you have any questions throughout the year. We are here to partner with you and provide your child the skills he or she may need to be effective in life.

    Stop by for a visit when you are passing through Buckner. We love having visitors and getting input on ways our school can continue to grow and meet the needs of our community of learners.


    Karen Hile