• If you are new to the Fort Osage School District and will be enrolling a student into Fort Osage High School please click HERE  to enroll your student online. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at 816-650-7080.

    In addition to completing online enrollment, you are required to
    provide the following information:

    • Immunization Records

            According to state law, we must have a copy of the student's current immunization record 
            from the previous school, physician, or health clinic on file in order to enroll a new student.

    • School Records

            In order to expedite the enrollment process, you may bring these records with you or you 
            may have them faxed to Fort Osage High School ahead of time. Records may be faxed to 
            the Registrar at 816-650-7088. 

    • Proof of Residency

            Two proofs of residency are required to enroll new students into Fort Osage High 
            School. These may be in the form of two current utility bills (gas, water, electric, trash, 
            cable, or home phone (NO cell phone bills will be accepted)). If you are in the process of 
            buying or renting a home and do not yet have utilities, a purchase contract or rental 
            agreement AND a turn on notice from a utility provider will suffice. 

           If you currently live with another family in district or have no utilities in your name, a "Notarized Statement of Residence" will be required.This statement is available at the Gragg            Administrative Center which is located behind Fort Osage High School. In order to complete the Statement, the person with whom you reside will be required to provide a current driver's license or state ID with a photo and a current proof of residence. 

    • State Birth Certificate

            If you do not have a copy of your student's official birth certificate, you may go to the 
            Health Department and purchase a copy.

    • IEP and Diagnostic Summary

            This is required only if your student is currently receiving special education services.