• Every Minute Counts

    We are asking for your help in improving our yearly attendance rate at Fire Prairie Upper Elementary School throughout the school year. We are striving to reach a building goal of 97% student attendance, but we will need everyone’s support in doing so.
    We feel this is an important area of focus for us at Fire Prairie as there are many positive results with increased attendance. One of the key positive impacts of increased attendance is the improvement in overall student academic performance.
    As a student’s absences accumulate throughout the school year, they have a huge impact on a student’s overall attendance. A student maintaining just a 90% attendance rate will miss 17.5 days or 3 ½ weeks of school this year! During the course of a student’s K-12 educational career, this would mean 227.5 days of missed school or 1.3 years of lost education!
    Parents can help by supporting the following:

    • ensure that pupils arrive punctually to school each day
    • avoid taking family vacations during the school days
    • schedule doctor appointments after-school to avoid missing as much school as possible
    • make time to encourage and show interest in school
    • attend school events and functions
    • don’t let your child miss school without a good reason
    • create consistent routines for your child

    We want to thank you for supporting us as we work to increase attendance and impact student achievement. Remember, we count every minute for attendance. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 816-650-7158