To help create life-long readers by providing an environment where reading is valued, promoted and encouraged and where students become effective independent users of information.


    Monday – Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

    To protect resources and equipment, food and drink is NOT ALLOWED in the library media center.

    Library Section

    E – Everybody ( easy read, picture books)
    LR -- Leveled Readers
    F – Fiction ( chapter books)
    Dewey – NonFiction (numbered books)
    ENF – Everybody NonFiction
    REF – Reference
    B – Biography
    PD – Professional
    Mag – Magazines

    All school expectations apply in the Library Media Center

    Classes are scheduled for one 30 minute period once a week. This time is used for literature appreciation, library skills, materials location and book check-out.

    Students are welcome to the library daily. As long as the library doors are open and someone is available to check-out books, students may visit the library any time throughout the day.

    Teachers who have a class project and want to schedule extra time in the library may do so. Please check the calendar on the circulation desk and pencil in your class during an open slot. Please let library staff know in advance, either verbally or by email, if you have requested extra time. This gives us time to plan ahead.


    Kindergarten – Allowed to check-out one book beginning in November. By the second semester, students will be allowed to check-out two books.

    1st – 4th – Students allowed to check-out two books for one week, with renewal privileges.

    Overdue – If a student forgets a book on a regular library visit, the book should be returned the following day. Students are not allowed check-out until the overdue book is returned. Parents are notified of the price of any item overdue for a considerable length of time.

    Lost or Damaged Materials – If a student has lost or damaged an item, it is their responsibility to pay for the replacement cost. Parents will be notified of the amount due. If a lost item is subsequently found, the charges are refunded.