• Welcome to the Counseling Center for Buckner Elementary!

    Ashley Neels, Counselor 816-650-7339

    Renee Hunter, Social Worker 816-650-7347

    Counseling at Buckner School is provided through opportunities to talk and play. Sometimes talking about problems can be difficult. Counseling through play recognizes the importance of using the child's natural language of play within the counseling process to allow students to express themselves more freely.

    Elementary school is a time when students develop attitudes concerning school, self, peers, social groups and community. Through the counseling process students can develop decision-making, communication and life skills. Early identification of problems and the development of problem-solving skills are goals of Buckner School staff. Through the counseling process students will experience an atmosphere of safety, trust, and a feeling of positive regard.


    The Buckner School Guidance Program provides:

    Individual counseling
    Small group counseling
    Classroom guidance
    Consultation with other professionals
    Coordination of the guidance program with the core curriculum
    Safe, non-judgmental opportunity to discuss personal or academic issues

    All information shared in the counselor's office is kept confidential unless the student indicates that he or she is being harmed or is a threat to self or others. The counselor will respect all rights and responsibilities of the parents within the ethical standards of the American Counselors Association and the American School Counselors Association. In situations when additional information is needed, consultation with other professionals will be used to assist the counselor. Identity of students and families will be kept confidential when consulting with other mental health professionals.

Ashley counselor at Buckner