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    Welcome to the Fort Discovery school-age program.  The Fort Osage School District opened the Before and After School Childcare Program in 1984 at Elm Grove School . The school district now operates five " Fort Discovery " before and after school programs at the elementary level.

    It is the goal of this program to provide working parents with the confidence that their student is in a safe and nurturing environment. The program will provide activities that support the ever-changing social, emotional, and physical needs of the student. Activities will include homework time, tutoring, service learning projects, cooperative sports, creative arts, computer utilization, and special interest activities.

    Fort Discovery centers are open Monday through Friday from 6:00a.m.until the start of the school day and from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m.

    Our programs are open on early dismissal days, as well as all other days that school is dismissed for parent/teacher conferences, staff development, snow days, and most holiday breaks. 

    Fort Discovery encourages communication between the center and the parents.  Please let us know how we can serve you.




  • Carol Peppers, Director of Childcare Services
    Office: 816-650-7449

    Blue Hills ~ 816-650-7449 
    Carol Peppers, Director and Site Coordinator

    Buckner ~ 816-650-7302 
    Jonna Phillips,  Site Coordinator

    Cler-Mont ~ 816-650-7363 
    Sadie Marriott, Site Coordinator

    Elm Grove ~ 816-650-7408 
    Andrea VanMaele, Site Coordinator

    Indian Trails ~ 816-650-7680 
    Jonna Phillips,  Site Coordinator 

Fort Discovery Fees

  • The FortOsage School District is committed to providing an effective, affordable,and child-centered childcare program through Fort Discovery.  Fort Discoverycontinues to be a great value when compared with other school-age childcareprograms in the area. 

    Fort Discovery Rates: 
    Before & After Full Time
    $58.00 Per Week 
    $53.00 Additional Child
    Before or After Full Time
    $48.00 Per Week 
    $40.00 Additional Child
    Annual Enrollment Fee:
    $43.00 Per Child
    $20.00 Additional Child
    Full Day Childcare
    $10.00 additional Per Day Per Child for those enrolled Full Time  

    (All Snow Days & No School Days)
    Or $20.00 Per Day/Per Child for Part-Time
    Part-Time Rates
    $15.00 Per Day Before & After 
    $10.00 Per Day Before Or After