Believers and Achievers Award

Nominate a fellow staff member or school volunteer in any of the following areas:

Fort Osage Believes...

In Caring:

  • those who go above and beyond to support students through the development of success plans
  • those who daily demonstrate their care for students through kindness and personal attention
  • those who never give up in their pursuit to help students succeed through effective interventions

In Learning:

  • those who serve as a guide for other staff in the development of effective learning goals and strategies
  • those who help their students learn at high levels despite challenges and obstacles
  • those who ensure their assessment and grading practices promote the learning of their students

In Students:

  • those who engage students in their learning and motivate them to higher levels of success
  • those who believe that each of their students can achieve at higher levels than yet imagined
  • those who take the time to know students personally and use that knowledge to help them achieve

In Us:

  • those who make their school stronger through effective collaboration and teamwork
  • those who work with the school community to engage everyone in achieving at higher levels
  • those who share in learning with their students

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