Frequently Asked Questions

The bus goes right by my house. Why can't it stop here?

School bus stops are placed in central locations to shorten route length and travel times. The Transportation Department makes every effort to see that these stops are safe and have appropriate walking routes to them. In many cases a bus will stop at a front door if there is no appropriate stop within a reasonable distance. School bus stops must be placed at least five hundred feet apart. Request for changes in routes or stops must be submitted in writing to the transportation office.

What should I do if the bus doesn't show up?

Pick up and drop off times will not vary to any great extent on a normal basis. Circumstances beyond our control could make the bus late occasionally. Vehicle "break downs", detours, emergencies, or weather related problems are a few reasons that could make the bus late. We will always make sure a bus will be at your stop. If you wait is longer than fifteen minutes please contact the transportation office at 650-7200.

If the bus is late, will my child be marked tardy?

No. Students are not marked "tardy" if their school bus arrives at school late.

If my child misses their bus will you send out another one?

A back-up bus will not be provided if students miss the bus. Back-up transportation is provided only if it is verified there has been a Transportation Department error.

My child occasionally needs to ride home to a different location. Is this possible?

Students requesting to ride home on a bus other than the one to which they are assigned must present a note from their parent/guardian to their school office before 11:00 am on their riding day. The note must include the student's first and last name, parent and the phone number where the requesting student's parent can be reached to confirm permission. This request must be submitted in writing. It cannot be arranged over the phone. Bus passes will NOT be approved on early release days for grades 7-12.

My child lives in the country and has not been riding for several days. Do I need to let someone know when they need to ride the bus?

Yes, please call the Transportation Dispatch Office at 650-7200 if your child will start riding the bus after an absence of three days or more.

Who should I call if my child is having a problem with the driver or with another student on the bus?

Please call the transportation office at 650-7200 between the hours of 6:00 am and 5:00 pm daily.

Do students practice emergency evacuations from the school bus?

Yes, by law it is required on a semi-annual basis that all students be instructed in the proper way to evacuate a school bus in an emergency situation. Drills are performed on each route in the early fall and late spring of each school year. Drivers are trained in the proper use of emergency exits and procedures.