District Contacts

Dr. Mark Enderle, Superintendent of Schools 
Ms. Sandy Klick, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7002

Areas of Responsibility

Human Resources
Dr. Anissa Gastin
(816) 650-7004

Education Services
Dr. Maria Fleming
(816) 650-7014

Support Services
Dr. John Ruddy
(816) 650-7006

Public Relations
Stephanie Smith, APR, Director
(816) 650-7019

Dr. Anissa Gastin, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Amy Camerlynck, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7004

Areas of Responsibility

Jenny McArthur, Coordinator
(816) 650-7008

Laura Ford, Coordinator
(816) 650-7021

Dr. Maria Fleming, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services 
Kelly Payne, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7014

Areas of Responsibility

Curriculum & Assessment
Dr. Deann Clawson, Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Sherry Ward, Administrative Assistant
(816) 650-7016

Student Support Services
Roxie Lanier, Director
Christine Williams, Administrative Assistant
(816) 650-7011

Principals & Directors
Dr. Jason Snodgrass, Fort Osage High School
John Schuler, Osage Trail Middle School
Cody Hirschi, Fire Prairie Middle School
Monica Shane, Blue Hills Elementary School
Karen Hile, Buckner Elementary School
Julie Stout, Cler-Mont Elementary School
Pam Fore, Elm Grove Elementary School
Emily Cross, Indian Trails Elementary School
Mike Pantleo, Career & Technology Center
Dr. Wendy McChristy, Lewis & Clark Academy
Karen Harrach, Early Childhood Center

Dr. John Ruddy, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services
April Billingsley, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7006

Areas of Responsibility

Business Services
Cindy Heidtbrink, Director
(816) 650-7010

Business Services Coordinator
Phil Caldarella
(816) 650-7018

Business Applications Coordinator
Gayla Hirst
(816) 650-7009

Buildings & Grounds
David Swearingen, Director
(816) 650-7211

Fort Discovery Childcare
Carol Peppers, Director
(816) 650-7680

Food Services
Brenda Dwyer, Director
(816) 650-7207

Technology Services
Debbie Smith, Director
(816) 650-7087

Transportation Services
Kara Kirkland, Director
(816) 650-7199