District Contacts

Dr. Jason Snodgrass, Superintendent of Schools 
Ms. Sandy Klick, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7002

Areas of Responsibility

Human Resources
Dr. Anissa Gastin
(816) 650-7004

Education Services
Dr. Maria Fleming
(816) 650-7014

Support Services
Dr. John Ruddy
(816) 650-7006

Public Relations
Stephanie Smith, APR, Director
(816) 650-7019

Dr. Anissa Gastin, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Amy Camerlynck, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7004

Areas of Responsibility

Jenny McArthur, Coordinator
(816) 650-7008

Laura Ford, Coordinator
(816) 650-7021

Dr. Maria Fleming, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services 
Kelly Payne, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7014

Areas of Responsibility

Curriculum & Assessment
Dr. Deann Clawson, Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Sarah Roberts, Administrative Assistant
(816) 650-7016

Student Support Services
Leigh Gruber, Director
Christine Williams, Administrative Assistant
(816) 650-7011

Principals & Directors
Scott Moore, Fort Osage High School
Robbie Shepherd, Osage Trail Middle School
Dr. Suzanne Boyer-Baker, Fire Prairie Upper Elementary School
Monica Shane, Blue Hills Elementary School
Karen Hile, Buckner Elementary School
Julie Stout, Cler-Mont Elementary School
Pam Fore, Elm Grove Elementary School
Emily Cross, Indian Trails Elementary School
Mike Pantleo, Career & Technology Center
Kim Hawley, Lewis & Clark Academy
Karen Harrach, Early Childhood Center

Dr. John Ruddy, Assistant Superintendent of Support Services
April Billingsley, Administrative Assistant

(816) 650-7006

Areas of Responsibility

Business Services
Cindy Heidtbrink, Director
(816) 650-7010

Business Services Coordinator
Phil Caldarella
(816) 650-7018

Business Applications Coordinator
Gayla Hirst
(816) 650-7009

Buildings & Grounds
David Swearingen, Director
(816) 650-7211

Fort Discovery Childcare
Carol Peppers, Director
(816) 650-7680

Food Services
Brenda Dwyer, Director
(816) 650-7207

Technology Services
Debbie Smith, Director
(816) 650-7087

Transportation Services
Kara Kirkland, Director
(816) 650-7199