Public Concerns

Public Concerns

Individual concerns

Most often individual concerns can best be handled if you begin at the source.  If your concern relates to procedures in the classroom or building, begin with the teacher and/or principal. 

If you feel your concerns have not been addressed at the building level, you may reach out to the district office for assistance in contacting the appropriate administrator. 

Finally, if these procedures do not resolve your concern or question, you may address the Board of Education in the Public Participation portion of its monthly board meeting.


Public participation

The Board of Education works for the patrons of the district; therefore, at every board meeting time is set aside for public comments.  After completion of a Request for Public Participation card, anyone may address the board during this time.  Speaking time of each person addressing the board is limited to five minutes. The Board would ask that groups of three or more select a spokesperson for their group.

How to address the board

At the appropriate time in the meeting the Board President will recognize those persons intersted in speaking to the board.  When you are recognized, please step to the podium, state your name and address, and indicate the issue you want to address.

Resolving concerns

Because issues and concerns require review and deliberation by the board if good decisions are to be made, no immediate answers to public participation comments are made by board members.  The board will listen to comments/concerns, take note of the issue, and instruct school administration to make contact with the concerned patron to seek a satisfactory solution.  Although the administration is required to report back to the board, the report is not necessarily presented at a public meeting.  Board members will not hear personnel issues during public participation.