Key Points
The 2013 Annual Performance Report (APR)—which will be published during the summer of 2013—is the first MSIP 5 APR that will be used to inform district classification recommendations. Three APRs, reflecting three years of performance data, will be used for classification recommendations. This means that for the vast majority of districts, the department will review a district’s 2013 APR, 2014 APR, and 2015 APR for MSIP 5 accreditation classifications made in fall of 2015. If a district’s accreditation should warrant a change from its classification prior to 2015, the district’s fourth cycle APR will be reviewed in conjunction with the MSIP 5 APR.

Because accreditation is based on multiple years of data, MSIP 5 will be used for accreditation purposes beginning in the 2014-2015 school year. 

MSIP 5's focus is on continuous growth and improvement for ALL kids.  The primary goal is to prepare kids to be college- and career-ready, and to be successful in school and life.  Our students need solid preparation for the workplace in an increasingly knowledge-based economy.