Our district's faculty and staff are working hard to make our schools the schools of choice. By that I mean we want parents to choose our schools when it comes to educating their children. We want to demonstrate that the programs offered and the services rendered students make ours the school of choice.

Our district enjoys a reputation of being family oriented. Our faculty and staff grasp the importance of better understanding the students that we serve. They have worked hard to develop and maintain positive relationships with the students served by our school district.

We understand the importance of communication and have worked hard to enhance the ways people may learn more about our school district, its progress, and its achievements. This improved web site is but one of several ways in which our school district is disseminating information to the public that supports it. If you cannot find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Our mission is together with parents and the community we prepare all students to be successful in life.


Fort Osage School District Vision

The Fort Osage School District will achieve its mission through:

 A Safe and Orderly Environment:

  • The staff takes responsibility to provide a safe and respectful learning environment.
  • The staff fosters trust with the community by providing sound fiscal management and exhibiting integrity and ethical behavior at all times.
  • District facilities are updated to reflect the emerging needs of students and staff.



A Climate of High Expectations:

  • Students, staff and families share the belief that success is attainable for all learners through persistence and effort.
  • Staff and students take responsibility to establish, monitor and attain personal achievement goals.
  • Students are motivated to achieve mastery through multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding.
  • A collaborative culture across the district ensures trust and values ongoing improvement in all areas.



Effective Instructional Leadership:

  • All members of the district community are empowered to share their leadership skills.
  • The staff collaborates within each area and across the district to ensure that students benefit from the greatest collective expertise.
  • Professional conversations are focused on instruction and student achievement, and build shared values and beliefs.
  • Professional development is ongoing and developed to meet the specific needs of a diverse, highly qualified and dedicated staff.


Focused Time on Task and Opportunities to Learn:

  • Systems are in place to differentiate instruction and support all students in achieving mastery of the most important standards.
  • Curricular standards are clear to staff, students, and parents and define what students need to know and be able to do.
  • Educational leaders ensure that instructional time is protected from non-essential interruptions
  • The district seeks and maintains effective and relevant programs to meet the unique educational needs of students.


Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress:

  • The staff effectively utilizes standards and assessments which are closely aligned to state and national expectations.
  • Standards-based grading practices guide instruction and pinpoint areas in which students need intervention or enrichment.
  • The staff understands and uses technology to provide immediate feedback to students and formative data to guide relevant instruction.
  • Each student develops specific goals that are self -monitored and reflected upon frequently.


 Strong Home, School and Community Relations:

  • The district builds trust through pro-active and effective communication among staff, students, parents, and the community to ensure student success.
  • The staff partners with community organizations to meet the personal and academic needs of students and families.
  • The staff engages in collaborative processes to facilitate shared decision making.